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Losing Control Movie is another offering in the suggestive spine chiller kind which could be considered as the mash fiction of the film world. More often than not, they include a circuitous course to deadly aim, mixed with extensive uncovering. This isn’t a grievance, particularly when it is finished by the amazingly delightful ladies who constantly possess this pretend world.

Kim Ward (Kira Reed) is enduring an episode of an inability to write. Just by shot, (or is it?) she meets a man (Doug Jeffery) who draws in with her in perpetually hazardous sexual experiences. The man will not disclose any data about himself, yet Kim enduringly won’t stop the undertaking. Her specialist, Alexa (Anneliza Scott) supposes it will do ponders for her book deals. As in many movies of this sort, the resolution draws close to the end however a few things don’t make any sense. I have seen enough of this sort of film to think, no change there, at that point – yet I like them. They are so undemanding.

Exhibitions of the cast fluctuate. Doug Jeffery conveys the film as the psycho/sociopath you would prefer not to cross. Kira Reed looks great yet neglects to persuade as the lady in hazard. Earth Greenbush as the PI did not persuade either.